Giving Tuesday Now!

Thank You to Everyone Who Donated!

Your Support Helps CCCR Provide the Children of  Essential Workers Scholarship Assistance for Childcare & Early Learning

CCCR’s Child’s Path is currently caring for the children of essential workers and providing partial scholarship assistance based upon their financial need. More incredibly, CCCR has partnered with The Early Learning Coalition to provide FREE childcare for First Responders and Essential Health Care Workers for the next several months. Mariah Lee, a nurse at NCH, came to CCCR a few weeks ago seeking care for her two-year-old as well as financial assistance. Mariah says, “If this care and scholarship were not available during the pandemic, my husband would not be able to work and consequently would not be able provide the essentials for our family.”

We’re grateful you joined us in giving back to essential workers!

We provide developmentally appropriate early education in a clean and safe environment. We conduct daily health checks, and the center adheres to strict CDC health procedures and sanitation guidelines. Parents know their children are safe and learning.

We are committed to providing high-quality early education and childcare for at-risk and underserved children in Collier County. High-quality early education changes the futures of children.

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