Helping Teen Parents Graduate

“My name is Maria Domingo, and I am a graduating senior and a teenage mom. I go to Immokalee High School Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) which is a program run by Child’s Path. I’m the second in my family to graduate high school. There are six of us, and my dream was to walk across the stage with my cap and gown. I dedicate this moment to my farther who passed away four years ago, which was one of the toughest of all times; even though it was hard I managed to keep going. I am blessed to graduate this year in 2020. 

I wanted to do this for my family and especially my daughter. For my daughter I managed to make it through this year, thanks to all the support from the TAPP program and all the kind teachers I met. It helped me a lot. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would have gone this far. I’m not perfect, but I try to do my best for my daughter. I want to show her that we can do anything if we put the effort into it. Some days were hard when I was struggling with school, but I made it through because I want my daughter to be happy. She’s the reason why I was so determined to graduate this year. Go class of 2020!”

-Maria Domingo, teen parent of Child’s Path at Immokalee High School

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