A great achievement for Child’s Path

Child’s Path Moorings and Santa Barbara both recently submitted validation packets to the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs.  Accreditation shows that a center achieves and continuously maintains the highest standards in an early childhood educational environment! The Directors of these centers have been working hard over the past year to accomplish this final step toward accreditation. This a huge achievement for Child’s Path! 

The self-study our centers conducted involved an in-depth self-assessment of all aspects of the program including administrative review, classroom observation, staff and family surveys, and professional development plans. The final step in the process is a validation visit, which is scheduled for next year. Programs request a validation visit only when they are satisfied that improvements have been made and Commission Standards are met.   

Once accreditation is granted, centers are required to maintain the Commission Standards.  Accreditation is awarded for a four-year period and accredited programs are required to submit annual reports. Accreditation conveys a commitment to the highest quality in an early education environment and that an outside agency validates it. Go Child’s Path! 

–Heather Singleton, Executive Director, Child’s Path 

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