Child’s Path Introduces a Corporate Partnership Program

Employee childcare has rapidly become a growing topic of concern, not only for working families, but for all employers, including Collier County businesses.

Childcare issues create unexpected disruptions and absenteeism in the workplace, while also impacting the ability to attract and retain employees with young children.   

According to a recent national study from Ready Nation, a business member organization focused on cradle to career education, businesses lose an average of $1,640 per working parent in decreased revenue and increased hiring costs. In fact, the study found the impact on businesses, families, and taxpayers has more than doubled since 2018.

To assist local employers in addressing childcare issues head on, Child’s Path has introduced its Corporate Partnership Program. The nonprofit wants to partner with Collier County businesses to help address their specific childcare challenges. Click here to learn more about becoming a Corporate Partner. 

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