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Helping Teen Parents Graduate

“My name is Maria Domingo, and I am a graduating senior and a teenage mom. I go to Immokalee High School Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) which is a program run by Child’s Path. I’m the second in my family to graduate high school. There are six of us, and my dream was to walk across […]

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Through the Fire

Louisa was working many long hours as a first responder while attending nursing school when she enrolled her daughter, Mariela, at Child’s Path. Despite working a lot, she was having a hard time making ends meet financially. She applied for–and was granted–a partial scholarship for her daughter. Things were finally looking up. Then, just before […]

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Kayla’s Journey

When Kaley moved up to the two-year-old room, she was extremely emotional and would have tantrums.  Her teacher, Naomi, noticed that Kaley had difficulty responding and following directions. At first, her teacher thought these were typical 2-year-old behaviors and she would be fine later on. Kaley’s tantrums, however, became worse every day.

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