The Future of Collier County Children is in Our Hands

Many children in Collier County are facing poverty and early learning deficits. Almost two-thirds of our local children are economically needy.

Only half of Collier County children tested developmentally ready for kindergarten. These deficits will have long lasting impacts on their future, leaving them ill equipped to develop a foundation for future success.

83% of Child’s Path children tested developmentally ready for kindergarten, well above the Collier County average of 50%. Research indicates that only one in four children catch up when they start kindergarten behind, which often leads to later academic failure.

Child’s Path is on a mission to give each child the cognitive, social and emotional skills they need to be kindergarten-ready and successful in life.

High-quality Early Education Makes a Big Impact

Percentage of children that tested developmentally ready upon entering kindergarten last year:


Child’s Path


Collier County



Community Benefit

If we can help solve the childcare affordability issue, everyone will benefit. If childcare costs were more affordable, 76,335 more parents would have the option to work and contribute $7.6 billion in new economic activity in Florida. The future of Collier County depends on the success of the next generations.